Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Protecting what's Normal.

A lot of people protect what is Normal to them instead of what is morally right. Take for example the former Confederacy ( The South ). Now, when the Confederates split from the United States, they did so to keep their free labor ( Slavery ). They did not keep slavery because it was the right thing to do, but because it was Normal in the south. The Far-Right Religious base attacks Gay people because they are so used to a man and a woman being married, and because "God" says that its wrong. If being Gay was normal, people would attack Straight people. Not because its right or wrong, but because it isn't normal. I think people need to judge things, and step back from everything that is happening and see where everything lies. People were not born with shackles, So why do some people say that black people were created to be slaves by "God"?
New studies show that some peoples' minds are oriented to like or dis-like the other sex, and like or dis-like the same sex. People protect what's normal because they are too gripped by fear to let in anything different.

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